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Apr 9, 2014 2 min read


Why I say what I say ?

About Social Issues : I feel everyone is entitled to an opinion. But it is better to state one’s opinion substantiating with data rather than just posting on twitter without any logic. I put my opinion out in open backing it with data points I feel are relevant. Not everything is wrong with the system and the government. There are things that are wrong with the society and the culture too. When we ask something from governments and system, we also should play our part in changing things. To get something, one has to give something back too.

About Education : I write articles to create awareness and share my thoughts. India is a country where most of the people still believe in obtaining degrees first and then, think about its relevance. My intention is to make you aware that the world is much beyond degrees and unless, you are the creamy layer (belonging to 0.0001% top students category), degrees will not get anything in life for you, especially when you have spent a few years in professional life already. Take informed decisions.

I believe that education helps you to gain knowledge and in turn, knowledge can help you have a good career graph. Education should be affordable like any other commodity so that anyone can benefit from it. Education should not have a premium riding on it where people pay through the nose and still, do not get anything in return.

About Startups & Product Management : I have spent almost 18 years in the professional world. Being an entrepreneur, being a product manager, being a programmer in product companies (both MNCs and mid size startups) and during the course of working, have formed my own work philosophy and methodology. it’s just the experience that I feel like sharing with everyone.

I write because writing makes me think logically.

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