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Privacy Sandbox Simplified : No Code. In Simple, Plain English !!!

If you work in the AdTech domain or are remotely connected to it, I believe you would have surely heard of identity wars and Privacy Sandbox. Safari & Firefox deprecated 3rd party cookies long back and then, Apple also blocked IFAs and now, they released Private Relays to block IP address too.

Decoding the Google Video Ad Ecosystem for OTT Platforms and CTV Publishers

If you manage an advertisement driven OTT platform on connected TVs that streams Video on Demand ( VoD) or 24 / 7 linear live content, then you would have definitely come across Google Ad ecosystem. Google leads the world in online advertising. Whether its search, websites, mobile apps and now, connected TVs and other streaming devices like Fire TV and Roku, Google commands the first port of call when someone needs to generate revenue online using advertising.