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#CoffeeBudget - A Secret Weapon in the Arsenal of Product Managers and Entrepreneurs

Alright! First of all, the term Coffee Budget is not a standard term. I coined this term in context of Entrepreneurship and Product Management. In my entrepreneurial journey of 5 years or so, I have met hundreds of people that include other fellow entrepreneurs at similar level as mine, the beginners, founders of successful startups, Angel investors, VCs of almost all shapes, sizes and stages, advisors, mentors, corporate big wigs or senior management officials, govt.

Why is Sales so tough and why salespersons deserve utmost respect ?

Every day, some one is trying to sell you something. Most of the time, you’ll simply say no to the salesperson. You’ll still get a call again and you shout on the phone before disconnecting. And many times, you’ll blacklist the number. This is a fact which makes sales being one of the toughest profession.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. But how lonely it is ?

Exactly the way many entrepreneurs sit in their room and spend the night…. If you are planning to take the leap of faith, then you would have heard this line from many entrepreneurs and if you are an entrepreneur (whether failed or successful), you would have been through this or may be still go through this everyday.

It’s okay if you are not an entrepreneur and work for large corporate…

With all the buzz around startups and entrepreneurship, I just thought about people who are employee and work for small and large companies and are not entrepreneur. What about them ? Just because entrepreneurship is getting limelight and lot a coverage in print and electronic media, does it make them the super mortals ?

Startup Failure is NOT fuckin’ sexy …

If you are an entrepreneur or a wannabe entrepreneur or have ever attended any startup event, you would have definitely heard lectures of startup failure and that failure is good. There will be entrepreneurs on stage talking about the reasons of their startup failures. Now, there are startup events ( Failcon : http://india.

Even the Startup Media in India is like Arnab Goswami of Times Now

Disclaimer : I have been a founder of a failed startup Patterbuzz. And this blog of mine used to be a full fledge company about 9 months ago. Now, I head the Product Management of a well funded startup. Why the Disclaimer first ? for a simple reason that I have been through the journey of a startup, running it successfully for more than 2 years, raising seed money, getting traction and then, shutting down for inability to raise next larger round of funding.

One thing that changed in me as an Entrepreneur

So, As everyone knows, I worked hard to build Patterbuzz for more than 2 years. I discovered something new everyday. but one thing which I discovered was most important. This thing changed the way I used to think, behave, work and believe. This was called :** Passion to make an impact in life of millions of people.